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I don't mind if I have to be a bird trapped in a cage.
I want to be trapped inside your love.

Friday, October 2, 2009 11:14 AM
♥ Dear my friends
(I suppose I should post here more often. I should finish tweaking this too.)

Moving on-- I was tagged by Rin to do this. :)

First of all, state 5 interesting facts about the person that awarded you:
★ I met Rin through Sachi on Livejournal.
★ No one should listen to her when she says she's a bad singer; she's lying. She's really, really good.
★ Rin says "eeeeeh~!" a lot, especially when she's being bullied.
★ She say's she's going to be in Hello!Project someday. I believe her.
★ She is butt-crazy in love with Keito Okamoto. THIS IS TRUFAX.

Next, state 10 facts about yourself :
1 → I like touching my neck when I'm walking idly.
2 → Shame that coming from a musical family, I cannot play any instrument. At all.
3 → I blame 15++ years of education in exclusive Catholic schools for screwing me up.
4 → I did ballet for eight years, hiphop & jazz for nine months, and breakdance for one summer.
5 → I love shopping in ukay-ukays, even if I have money for branded clothes.
6 → My LiveJournal is six years old.
7 → When I was younger, I wanted to be Little Miss Philippines. I considered Aiza Seguerra to be my greatest rival.
8 → I have this certain dislike for statement shirts. It makes me think you don't have enough personality that you have to let your shirt do the talking. Plus, it gives people more reason to look at your chest longer than they have to. /o/
9 → I want to learn how to say "Hi Shirota. I want your babies. Yes, this hallway is fine, now drop your pants." in Japanese.
10 → When I was ten, I broke my elbow & sported a green cast for a month. I yelled "kamao ng liwanaaag!!" every chance I got.

The people who receive this award aaaaare:
Everyone was tagged by Rin already, so go do this if you want! \o/

Bless the little queen
Hi, I'm Kang & I'm very sure I'm not Korean. I really like Japanese idols though; enough to make me want to go to Akihabara & spend the remainder of my youth prancing in tiny skirts in front of really sad men. While that hasn't happened yet, I'm here in Manila; in bookstores, not buying anything; in ukay-ukays, buying lots; in my Catholic college, being slightly below-average; in pictures, looking moronic.

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